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Excellent products come from 20 years’ expertise and experience in road construction and maintenance industry

Company philosophy: Integrity, Innovation, Service & Quality

Company spirit:     cation, professionalism, innovation, teamwork spirit

Company principles: truth-seeking, enterprising, innovation

                  tomer and grabbing market shares with high quality product and the best service

Service concept: customer first, good faith

Core philosophy: the enterprise base the development on talent, the management on human nature, provide equal opportunities for every employee to Scarlett, pay attention to ability rather than academic, performance is more important than seniority, everyone has a stage, everyone has a chance to succeed, the employee and the enterprise interdependence, mutual promotion, common success!

We insist:honest, careful, patient, modest

Customers’ feeling: comfortable, rest assured, satisfied, warm

Pre-sales consulting:010-58090089

After-sale service: 0335-7399999

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Adress:China. Industrial Park, Lulong County, Qinhuangdao No. 168