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The common problems of asphalt distributor
Fault phenomenon Case analysis Troubleshooting method
No asphalt spraying 1、 PTO cannot gear   Check if the connecting rod is positioned correctly
2、 Coupling disengage Check the bolt
3、  The valve is  in the wrong place Adjust the position of the valve

4、 Pump and pipeline jam

Baking or dredge
Spray pressure is not enough 1、 The belt slipping Adjust the belt tension or replace belt
2、 Safety valve pressure is too low Appropriate screwed bolt
3、 Asphalt temperature is too low Heating asphalt  to specified temperature
4、 Asphalt pump wear Replace the asphalt pump
5、 The position of the top of the tank valve is wrong Placed in the correct position
Asphalt spraying uneven 1、 Spray pressure is not enough According to the above to adjustment
2、 The Conduit or nozzle clogging impurities Cleaning the impurities
Cleaning device for pressure is too low 1、The air compressor belt is too loose Adjust the belt tension
2、 Air compressor valve seat loose, issuing or damage Adjust or replace
3、Air storage tank or joint leakage Tighten the joint or repair
Asphalt pump permeable asphalt 1、Packing device of shaft neck wear Appropriate screwed into the nut

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