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Firmly grasp the safety in production work

Since 2013, the county government attaches great importance to production safety work, firmly establish the "bottom line" thinking and "red line" consciousness, to build "restful Lulong" as a driving force, to investigation and risk management as the main starting point, and built a unified leadership of the government departments, industry supervision according to law, the township strictly fulfill management, responsible for enterprise work pattern, is the elimination of potential causes of accidents in 2786, and maintain overall stability situation of safety production in Lulong county.

In December 5th, the county people's Congress, CPPCC deputies to the people's congresses, CPPCC members of the work of production safety of our county enterprises inspection. Deputy director of the county people's Congress, the county CPPCC Vice Chairman attended the inspection activities, vice mayor Chen Liting accompanied the inspection.

The inspection team to Qinhuangdao City, Scarlett Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. inspection, listened to the introduction of General Lee's case. To the County Safety Supervision Bureau reported that the safety production in our company, in 2013 the company without the occurrence of general production safety accident, the indicators are controlled within the control index City Hall issued.

Shichazu a line of production safety work in my company affirmed, and pointed out that, the county Party committee, county government attaches great importance to production safety work in enterprises, the regulation in place, measures, safety knowledge education and publicity atmosphere is strong, the overall situation of safe production smoothly. The inspection team hope, all departments should strengthen leadership, make careful arrangements, the production safety work firmly in their hands; focused, strengthening measures, efforts to curb the occurrence of major accidents in production; rich carrier, extensive conduct propaganda, strive to build a safety culture with Lulong characteristics. High risk industries and key areas to develop contingency plans, emergency drill for the risk factors and risk factors, continuously carry out investigation and risk management, the production safety work should unremittingly, alarm bells ringing, the formation of all Guan Anquan, all grasp safe production management pattern.

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