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Starry Specially Vehicle Co.Ltd. staff held training conference

August to October, Starry Specially Vehicle Co.Ltd. ushered the enterprise training in new year, young elite sales going into the work come to corporate training. As prospective employees of Starry Specially Vehicle Co.Ltd., more than 30 newly colleagues passionate to accept the company's training. Experienced instructor led training, including the development course, company culture, marketing is the king, sales classes, workshop operation and other training programmes.


Around the company's development process, under the guidance of the teacher, new colleagues visited Starry company, and corporate wall of honor and news fashion display window, everyone have a first impression of intuitiveinternal dynamic development and company , enhance the sense of identity and pride of Starry Specially Vehicle Co.Ltd. In the followed enterprise culture and sales training lectures, new employees learn the character and moral requirements of construction machinery industry.

Around the career planning and development of the new colleagues, the old staff conducted in-depth communication and exchanges, and on how to become a good "sales champion" stirred up a small peak in the new colleagues, everyone has to express their own ideas, different people, different views.
In order to make the new colleagues to work happy, Starry Specially Vehicle Co.Ltd. specially held a singing competition and entertainment in a training program, during the two months of training, there are several hours of entertainment every day. New colleagues felt Starry Specially Vehicle Co.Ltd. " school + Home + entertainment" atmosphere through the development of recreational activities, they establish fraternal friendship  experience the wonderful teamwork and win-win.


Work cannot do without the first workshop experience. Let the new colleagues to strengthen the understanding of the product, in the training work, is indispensable to enter the workshop, with years of work experience with the old teachers work together, life, experience in Scarlett's special bit by bit, which Scarlett special designed steam excellent traditional new staff induction training. In the experience of plant life at the same time, the new and old employees to help, one area, "master love", as early as possible to help new colleagues to work to create a good condition. In this way, the new employee not only on highway maintenance knowledge, machinery manufacturing, after sale service and other professional knowledge with the theory and practice of knowledge, but also specially designed steam with a high degree of identity, sense of belonging to scarlett.


                            All Starry staff are training

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